Tags are keywords that you assign to invoices you’ve created, in order to make finding them later easier. On any invoice page, hit Add tags, then enter your keywords in the text field that appears.

Separate each tag with a space:

design development architecture

Or to join 2 words, use a hyphen:

For example: web-design, brandon-cotter, or blinksale-rules

Hit Add to assign the tags.

If you’ve added tags to your invoices, finding them under the Invoices tab becomes easier. You can enter any tag in the text field at the top of the Invoices page to see invoices with that tag, or just click on a tag in the sidebar on the right. The more you use tags, the more you’ll come to appreciate how they make things easier to find.

Examples of things to put in your tags:

Names of the people who worked on the project

Kind of work done in the project

Client’s industry categorization: medical, finance, marketing, etc.

And many more

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