To create an invoice, click the New Invoice button in the upper right of the page.

You’ll be asked to enter the name of the client you want to invoice. As you type it in, Blinksale will attempt to auto-complete with the name of an existing client. Once you’ve got a complete name in there, hit Create Invoice.

(If the client you entered is a new one, you’ll be asked to fill in some more information about that company. The only required fields are the company’s name and a first name, last name and email address for your main guy or gal there; but this is a good time to put in all the contact information you can provide. Never know when a fax number or mailing address might come in handy.

Hit Save Settings when you’re done.)

Now it’s time to fill out your invoice with the relevant billing information.

Date is the date of the invoice’s issue. This will default to today’s date, and that’s generally what you’ll want to stick with. If you feel the need to get fancy, though, you can use the pulldowns to set the date to whatever you’d like.

Invoice ID is just a numerical index whereby you can keep your invoices straight in your own head, and refer to them easily. If you’ve created other invoices previously, Blinksale will helpfully remind you of the last Invoice Number you used. You can just bump that up by one for your new Invoice Number.

PO Number is the Purchase Order number which your client might have provided to you when authorizing the work to be done. If you received one, stick it here so you can make sure to get paid!

Invoice Line Items are where you explain why your client needs to pay you. There are four types, and you can select a different type for each line:

Service: Bill your client a single, flat fee for each service you provided.

Hours: Bill your client for the hours you worked, using an hourly rate.

Days: Bill your client for the days you worked, using a daily rate.

Product: Bill your client for the number of products purchased, using a per-unit price.

For each line, you’ll enter a service Description or list the product Item; and enter Item Price, Hourly Rate, and Quantity as appropriate. If you need more line items, click on Add New Line. To delete a line item, click the delete icon next to that line.

Blinksale will keep the subtotal updated as you enter information. To make Blinksale figure in sales tax, check the box next to the Sales Tax item in the right sidebar. You can change the sales tax rate in the text field that appears. If you need to add shipping costs to the invoice, check the Freight box and stick those in the associated field.

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