Manage subscription renewal and payment settings with ease. Here you can oversee the current subscription you have and make changes such as removing the subscription or changing the type of subscription. And you have the option to change the card associated with your account on a monthly or annual subscription.

To edit your subscription follow these steps

1. On your dashboard's lower left side, click on your profile name.

2. Select "Subscription"

3. To change your subscription, click the "Change" button. A pop-up screen will appear and you can choose what type of subscription you want.

4. Next, you can edit the payment method, which is what credit card is going to be charged with the payment for either your monthly or annual subscription. Here you'll add in the payment method, the credit card number, the month of the year, and then the CV, and press Save when you're done.

Pro Tip: Annual Subscription you're billed once a year and you can save $30, or monthly, where it's $15 a month.

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