Automate your business by setting up custom response messages, personalized reminders for overdue invoices, and more.

So, while you're sleeping, your system can notify your customers about overdue invoices, for example. You don't need to do it manually, just set it and forget it. It's that easy.

1. To edit Automated Messaging, select the Profile tab on your dashboard.

2. Select Automated Messaging and you can see all of the messages you have access to.

3. At the top, for all of the Invoice messages, you can change the Default Subject, the Default message, the Default Subject Reminder, and the Reminder message, as well as the Thank you and the Note. Just click the "Edit" button for any changes you want to make.

4. If you want to edit any of these, you'll simply press Edit, and in the Edit Template. Pop-up is where you will see what the note looks like with a little bit of code. This is taking the information that is populated either from their profile or the amount that they owe. And if you want to see what it looks like from the client's perspective, press Preview and you'll see what the text would look like in the email address.

And from there, you can see what each of these means.

Note: The Invoice underscore ID is where it inserts the Invoice ID, whereas the Vendor underscore Name is where it inserts your account name. If you make any changes and you want to reset, simply press Reset. If you make changes that you want to save, click Save, and the changes will be saved.

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