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1. On your dashboard's lower left side, click on your profile name.

2. Alternatively, you can select the "Estimate" tab from the left-side menu where you can see all of the ones that you have sent and or are in drafts and their various statuses.

3. The estimates dashboard shows previous transactions. These are all of the statuses that you can have for your estimates. Converted means that the estimate was converted into an invoice that has been sent out and you will be receiving money for it. The work has been done.

A draft is an estimate that has not yet been sent to the customer. An approved estimate means that the budget and the price that you sent to your customer have been approved and they are ready for you to begin the work. A declined estimate means that the customer does not agree with something that you sent them.

It could be that maybe the pricing is a little bit different than what you had all discussed. They can leave you comments for a little bit more information as to why it was declined, but it's essentially a stop on the work. Open means that the estimate has been sent to the customer. They have neither approved nor declined it yet.

4. So to create a new one, you'll press "Create New."

5. You'll add a client name by clicking the drop-down menu, and if you don't have any pre-populated clients,

6. You can press + New Client, and you will be routed to the client creation page where you need to fill in client information and contact details.

7. Also, you can put Prefix, and Estimate Number but the date is pre-populated with the day that you're making it. Still, date changes can be done by clicking the box.

8. You can change the item type depending on what type of job, work, or service, or is it an hourly rate? Is it a service? Is it a product?.

9. And then add a description as to what it is that you're working on, and then the quantity and the unit price, which will automatically total the amount. You can add more items, or you can just continue to the bottom, which is where you'll add the currency that you wish to be paid in.

10. You'll want to add taxes and shipping if they're applicable.

11. You can also add a subject and/or notes. In addition, once you're done, press "Preview and Send". So you can edit the recipients, can CC and BCC people. You can edit whether or not you're adding it as an attached PDF, and then you can see what the client will see.

And when you're ready, press "Send estimate."

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