The Blinksale Client Tab gives you the ability to easily manage hundreds of your clients' accounts. This gives you on-demand access to the records of your client's businesses. With data at your fingertips, you can effectively monitor, check, edit, and verify customer invoices and estimates anytime and anywhere.

1. To create a new client, you can either select the Client Tab in the center of the dashboard or select the Clients tab at the top left corner.

2. After selecting Clients, you'll then press Create New Client, which will take you to Client Information.

3. You first need to identify whether this is for an individual or a company. You will see toggled on, and depending on which one it will dictate the information that you fill out and alter a few of the boxes that you have access to. Fill out a name and an email address, client ID Tax ID number, and Tax ID name. If you do not have complete information you can still save it and later for the rest.

Contact Details is where you fill out your customer's information from address, phone number, and website Adding Client Contact is where you can add another contact person who works with or for your client. Just fill in with the basic information or add more contact if needed. Once you're done, press "Save" and the profile will be added.

4. This is the main page of your clients, and on the right-hand side are some direct links to creating a new invoice, a new estimate, or view all of their invoices or estimates that are specific to that client by clicking the 3 dots. Clicking " Create Contact" you can edit their details or their preferences, and then you can archive them or delete them.

5. And so what archiving is, when you archive a client, that means that you're no longer working with them right now, so you don't want them to show up in your client list. However, they will not be deleted from your Blinksale account you can always use the toggle to hide or show Archived Clients. Click the 3 dots to unarchived clients and if you delete them, their information will be wiped clean from your Blinksale account.

View and or Edit your clients.

1. Select the Client Tab in the center of the dashboard or select the Clients tab using the one located in the top right corner.

2. The Client Page displays all of your current business clients.

3. Viewing or editing your client is easy; simply click on the name of the client you want to work on.

4. From the client details page, on the right side corner, click "Edit Client Details."

5. Now you can edit and complete the required fields for your business client's information and contact details.

Once all done click "Save"


  1. You can also immediately create a new invoice or estimate that will be sent to them.

  2. You can view all of their previous invoices and estimates.

  3. You can edit their details or their preferences.

  4. You can archive them, which means they won't show up in your active list, but they're not deleted.

  5. So if they were no longer a client but then decided to return, you can unarchive them, whereas if you delete them, they will be taken out of the system indefinitely.

  6. You can add Client Contacts and Client Notes.

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