Manage your members and permissions to keep you in control of the people working for your business. You can invite new members if you have a new employee to take care of sending out invoices and estimates, or you can add another member that has Full Admin access that can make billing changes and user changes across the company. This option is very helpful for you to focus on other important matters regarding your business growth and future plans.

1. To manage Members and Permissions, click on your profile name or use the main dashboard and select "My Preferences."

2. Select "Members and Permissions" from the left panel, then press "Invite a new member."

3. You'll add their email address and then choose whether you want them to have full admin access, where they can make billing and user changes within the company, or if you want to add a default member who can only send invoices and quotes.

Full admin access also means that they have the ability to send invoices and estimates, but in addition, they have access to billing changes and user changes.

4. When an email is provided, you press Invite user and they will receive an email with the login setup. It will also show at the top of the "Invite New Member" button the status of an invited member. If the invitee hasn't received the email yet, you can go ahead and click the "Re-send invite" button.

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