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Integrate your Stripe, PayPal, and Coinbase Commerce with Blinksale.
Integrate your Stripe, PayPal, and Coinbase Commerce with Blinksale.
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Setting up a preferred payment method for your business cash flow is important and easy to manage. We all know that not all people use the same payment method when dealing with payments. Some prefer paying in cash, credit or debit cards, cryptographic or online payment processors. Blinksale partnered with well-known financial companies to cater to your needs for faster payment settlement for your invoices. Because not all payment gateways are suitable for you, Blinksale has partnered with Stripe for ACH or any major credit card, Paypal, and Coinbase Commerce for Cryptocurrency payments.

We work with these well-regulated financial companies, so you can get paid faster and safer with your preferred credit or debit card. They have 24/7 transaction monitoring, anti-fraud technologies, and Buyer Protection. You can transact with peace of mind and have access to a wide range of currencies globally.

1. To set up payment methods, from your main dashboard, click on your profile name or use the "Manage Preferences" tab.

2. Select Payment Methods.

3. You can set up Stripe, PayPal, and Coinbase Commerce, whichever you prefer to use.

4. If you want to set up Stripe, you'll simply press Connect, enter your email address, and press Continue, and it will link the two. If you don't have a stripe account, sign up here. Sign Up and Create a Stripe Account | Stripe®

You can select to toggle on whether you include it by default on all invoices or to include the ACH payment option.

5. To link your PayPal, you'll simply press Connect.

You will be taken to this page where you'll enter your email press "Next" or phone number and password and then press "Login." If you don't have a Paypal account Sign Up here Sign Up for PayPal: Create a Business or Personal Account Now With PayPal

6. To set up your Coinbase Commerce account, press Connect.

7. Enter your API key and your webhook secret for this to be successful. Learn how to generate an API link here How To Use Your Coinbase API Key [Full Guide] - Crypto Pro. For Webhook you can go here for a full guide on Using Webhooks (

So if you don't have a Coinbase Commerce account currently, you can just go to Accept crypto within minutes | Coinbase Commerce press Get Started, and choose your Plan. You can also sign up here if you do not have Coinbase account Sign up - Coinbase.


Once you're at your API keys, you'll press "Create an API key."

You have the option of revealing it, deleting it, or creating a new API key.

Once you have the API key, take it back over to Blinksale, paste it, go back to Coinbase, and then the next step, the WebHook subscriptions.

Click Add an endpoint, so you need to copy the Webhook web address and paste it into the New Webhook Subscription box. You should see that the WebHook subscription underneath the web address is visible, and then after adding, click Show Shared Secret and copy the code and paste it to WebHook Secret. Once you've done this, you'll press Save Coinbase Settings, and once everything is connected, you'll see Coinbase Commerce is active, and then you can choose to disconnect or edit, and you can choose to include it on all invoices by default, which means it's purple.

If you don't want to do that, just simply toggle it off and it will be gray.

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