Having well-defined account preferences makes every transaction easier and more accurate. In your Blinksale Preferences, you can set the time formatting for your business, set amount preferences for numeric displays, and tweak your values and preferences used to pre-fill invoices and estimates.

1. To manage your Preferences, you're going to click profile name from your Dashboard or select "Manage Preferences".

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2. Select Preferences and it will show you your preferences setup page.

3. You can then change your Time Zone, your preferred date format,

4. You can proceed with the "Amounts" by selecting the currency you want to deal with, the currency format, and decimal places.

5. Manage the Default Unit for your Invoices and Estimates, which can be Service, Hourly, Product, or Training. You can add in the Default Unit Price, the Default Due Dates, and Shipping. If you want to have a default late fee, you can modify the percentage.

You can also add and amend taxes using the tax information. You can also enter a tax name and rate, then save it. Then it will be in your system, and you can press that to make it your default tax. That would be associated with your invoices.

Also, it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to toggle on or off as a default for attaching invoices as PDFs. If you want to use default location information and have that shown, you can add a default city, country, and state.

When you're finished, simply click "Save changes," and everything will be updated for you.

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