Line items are used in proposals to represent your products and services and to display them in an estimate or quotation format. Line Items can be produced "on-the-fly" inside your proposals or saved to your library and "imported" into them. Any line item from a quotation you're creating can be saved. It will then be available for future estimates and invoices.

1. To set up Saved line items, from your main dashboard, click on your profile name or use the "Manage Preferences" tab.

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2. Select Saved Line Items from the menu list.

3. It will show you all of your previous saved line items if there are existing saved line items.

You can edit or delete them using the actions options.

4. To add a new one, press Add New Item.

5. Add Quantity, Unit, Name, Price, Currency, and Tax (optional)Name is what this will be called, price is how much it costs, the currency you want to use, and whether or not you want to include a tax.

6. When you're finished, select Save and the Edit button on actions will appear, allowing you to go back and make adjustments. Simply press Edit to return to the previous screen.

Add any changes and press Save or cancel when done.

7. This is how to access or view Saved Line Items from your Invoices or Estimates.

By checking the box, you can pick one of your previously saved line items. You can also delete or insert line items as you see fit.

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