The stored tax preferences are predefined tax schemes that may be utilized in a variety of items with varying tax percentages. Using this option will save you time since you will not have to manually configure the taxes. Simply choose the desired tax configuration from your Blinksale Saved Taxes Library.

1. To set up Saved Tax Preferences, from your main dashboard, click on your profile name or use the "Manage Preferences" tab.

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2. Select Saved Taxes from the menu list.

3. It will display all of your previously stored tax items if you have any saved tax items.

You can edit or delete them using the actions options.

4. To add a new one, press Add New Tax.

5. Add your tax name and your tax rate as well.

Press the Save button when done.

6. When you're finished with step 5, select Save and the Edit button on actions will appear, allowing you to go back and make adjustments. Simply press Edit to return to the previous screen.

Add any changes and press Save or cancel when done.

7. This is how to access or view Saved Taxes from your Invoices or Estimates.

You may also make changes here by clicking Edit, or delete by clicking Delete.

8. Manage how taxes are applied to invoices and estimates.

9. To choose your previously specified or saved tax items from your invoices and estimates.

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