A measurement unit is a standard quantity used to indicate the quantity of a product, the type of service, and the time of labor on your business. This is critical for your estimates and invoices so that your customers understand what they are paying for.

1. To set up Units, from your main dashboard, click on your profile name or use the "Manage Preferences" tab.

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2. Select Units from the menu list.

3. It will show you all of your previous unit measurements if there are existing units.

You can edit or delete them using the actions options.

4. To add a new one, press Add New Unit.

5. Depending on the type of your business, you add unit names. Add Hourly, Service, and Product. Once completed press save.

6. When you're finished, select Save and the Edit button on actions will appear, allowing you to go back and make adjustments. Simply press Edit to return to the previous screen.

Add any changes and press Save or cancel when done.

7. This is how to access and select Units from your Invoices or Estimates.

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