At first we thought to have a beta version of our product running on the Ethereum Testnet (Ropsten). However after preparing this, it became clear to us that quite likely only a very few people would have Test Ether (Ropsten Ether) in their wallet, and a large of group of people would probably not even know how to get those test Ether. 

So we decided to have 2 fictional properties live on the Ethereum mainnet, so anyone can test our platform and buy a few tokens to see how our process works. 

It's pretty obvious, but to make it very clear: 

  • These properties do not exist in real life
  • The tokens issued - in general - are worthless 
  • But it could be that they might achieve a "collectable" status 🚀

We've limited the max. investment amount per person (wallet) to 0.1 ETH - to give as many people as possible a chance to try out our platform. 

We are very happy if you decide to try it out! And who know's we might even reward these tokenholders - or actually we can also call them true beta-testers - with a surprise... 💰

In the event that the crowd-sale of a fictional property is not successful, you will receive back the invested Ether (max. 0.1 ETH), you can get it back by claiming a refund on the property detail page.

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