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Viewing Events
Viewing Events

About Events, how to view all of your events and individual events.

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In the events module, you can add new events and view and manage upcoming events. You are able to create group events and 1-on-1 events.  Additionally, you have the ability to invite people to events, create shifts or tasks within an event and assign volunteers to those shifts and tasks. 

To access the events module, select ‘Events’ from the main menu bar and click on ‘View Events’.

On the View Events page you will see a list of all events you have created. 

The events are shown in two tab views, Group Events and 1-on-1 events. The default view will show you Group Events.  Click on 1-on-1 to see your 1-on-1 events. 

In the View Events page you can also search by event name and even filter your list of events.

Click Filter to see the filtering options.

You can also sort the View Events page by any column by clicking any column title. You will see an arrow next to the column title to show that it is being sorted. Click the title once more to change the sort order to descending.

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