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Individual Event Page
Individual Event Page

How to view an individual event, what details are on the event page.

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After you create an event in the events module, that event will get its own page.

At the top of the page you will see the event name, start and end dates and times, location, type, description, and associated organization.  You will also see the Invite Link in the top right of this box.  This is a shareable link that includes an RSVP form.  This link can be shared with the guests for the event.  Click the small link icon to copy the link.

You will also see a Current Guest List count as well as a link to add attachments to this event page.  Click ‘New Attachment’ to add a file to the event. 

Click the blue pencil icon in the bottom right of the top box of the Event page to edit event details. 

Scroll down on the Event page to see the Guests, Shifts and Tasks tabs where you can add guests shift and tasks to your event.

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