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Adding Guests to an Event
Adding Guests to an Event

How to add guests to an event, how to invite guests, how to view your guest list and how to text your guests.

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To add a guest to your event, scroll to the bottom of the Event page. 

The default view is the Guests tab.  Click the purple ‘Add Guests’ button to add a guest to your event. 

To search for a person that already exists in Blocks, start typing the person’s name under ‘Search people’.  Names that match your search will populate beneath the search bar.  Select the correct person from the options that populate.

To add a person who does not already exist in Blocks, click ‘Add Manually.’ A form will pop up asking you for person details such as name, email, phone number and address.

Click ‘Add’ when you have filled out all required information and you will be returned to the ‘Add Guest’ box.  Before clicking ‘Submit,’ you are able to add multiple people in this box, both by adding manually and by searching.  You also have the option of marking the guests you are adding as ‘Walk-in guests’ by checking the box underneath the list of guest names.

Once you have added all of the guests you need to, click ‘Submit’ in the bottom right corner.  Don’t worry if you need to add more guests later, you can always return to the Event page and the Guests tab and add more people to your event. 

After clicking Submit, you will return to the event page, where you will see that your guestlist counts in the top details box has been updated.

Scroll down to see your Guest tab. 

Here you can add more guests and see the guests you have already added.  Once the event is complete, you can mark each guest’s attendance to the right of each guest’s details. Click the small arrow under the ‘Attended’ column and select ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ 

In the Guests tab you are also able to export your event to your calendar, print your guest list and send your guests an SMS message. 

A box will pop out where you can compose your text. Type in what you would like your text to say and click ‘Send’.

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