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Adding Shifts to an Event
Adding Shifts to an Event

How to add a shift to an event and assign a volunteer to a shift in an event.

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From the Event page, scroll down to the Guests tab and click ‘Shifts’ to see the Shifts tab. 

To add a shift, select the shift start date and time and shift end date and time. Make sure to select a specific time at the bottom of the calendar pop-out.

When you’re done selecting a start and end time, click the purple ‘Add’ button.

The shift you created will show under the Shifts tab.

You can delete your created shift by clicking ‘Delete Shift’ underneath your shift times. 

To add volunteers to your shift, click on the purple ‘Add Volunteer’ button beneath the shift to which you’d like to add a volunteer.

Fields will appear where you can select a person and what role you would like them to fill. To add a person, simply start typing their name and select the appropriate person from the dropdown. The person you assign does not have to also be added as a guest to the event.

Next, select the appropriate role from the dropdown menu.

Once you’ve selected a person and a role, click on the purple ‘Assign’ button.

If added successfully, the volunteer name and role will appear underneath your shift. 

To add another volunteer, click the small plus sign under the last guest’s name. If for any reason you need to delete a volunteer, simply click on the minus sign to the right of their name.

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