Bloom is Australia's first Climate Impact Investing app. We’re on a mission to help Australians align their investments with their values and benefit from Australia's clean energy transition.

Bloom gives you access to climate impact projects in Australia and across the globe. You’ll find a balance of some well-known and unlisted companies alongside niche projects that may not have been easily accessible to individual investors before Bloom. You can get started with Bloom from $500 for individuals and $5,000 for Trusts. Once you sign up you can follow your returns and account balance on a daily basis, set up an auto invest plan, join free community events, learn more about each investment you hold and get updates about your portfolio - all within our easy-to-use app.

When you invest in the Bloom Climate Impact fund, you are buying 'units' in the fund. The unit price is the value of one unit. It can go up or down and is calculated daily to reflect the most up-to-date value of the investments in the fund.

To learn about Bloom, who we are and our investment philosophy visit our website:

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