Bloom gives you access to climate impact investing in an easy and affordable manner. With Bloom, you get to invest in assets such as renewable energy projects or unlisted climate impact companies which may typically be restricted to sophisticated or institutional investors. We do this via our diversified Bloom Climate Impact fund, investing in a range of companies and clean energy projects leading the fight against climate change.

To do so, we use scientific data and analysis from two reputable Climate research organisations ClimateWorks Australia and Project Drawdown to select companies and projects that are genuine “Climate Solutions”, i.e. activities, products, and or services critical to the transition to a sustainable economy. These activities include - but are not limited to:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Land Solutions, Agritech and Foodtech

  • Clean Water & Ocean

  • Circular economy and waste management

  • Industry and construction efficiency (like lower emissions cement and steel)

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Green Transport and Electric vehicles

  • Electrification and Smart Cities

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