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Black Friday Brand Bingo Campaign with Bluedot
Black Friday Brand Bingo Campaign with Bluedot
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Terms and Conditions:

Black Friday Brand Bingo Campaign with Bluedot

Campaign Period:

November 20, 2023 - November 25, 2023


This campaign is open to all Bluedot Consumer Debit Cardholders. Participation is automatic upon successful card linkage to the featured brands within the campaign period.

Daily Brand Linking:

Cardholders are encouraged to link their Bluedot Card to the featured brand of the day starting from 20th November to 24th November to earn bonus points. The featured brands are as follows:

Mega Monday: Amazon & Amazon Prime

Turbo Tuesday: Tesla & Electrify America - Blink Charging

Warp-Speed Wednesday: Doordash - Uber - Lyft - Instacart

Thrifty Thursday: Hulu - Spotify - Netflix

Point Allocation:

During the campaign period, cardholders will earn 30 Oxygen Points (OPs) for each brand they link to their Bluedot Card. This is a significant increase from the standard 10 Oxygen Points typically awarded and points directly and automatically reflect into users' accounts.

Cash Back Rewards:

On Black Friday, November 24, 2023, cardholders will earn the following elevated cash back rates for purchases made with their Bluedot Debit Card:

“Amazon, Amazon Prime, Doordash, Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Hulu, Spotify, Netflix: 7.5% cash back”.

Conditions for Cash Back Rewards:

Cash back rates are applicable on purchases made on November 24, 2023, only.

Purchases must be made with the Bluedot Debit Card.

General Conditions:

  • Card links can be set up any day during the campaign period, but must be active by the end of the day on November 24, 2023, to qualify for 30 Oxygen Points offer.

  • 30 Oxygen Points per switch are eligible for all brand linkages during the campaign period only.

  • All points and cash back rewards are subject to the standard Bluedot reward program rules.

  • Points and cash back will be credited according to the usual Bluedot procedures.


  • Transactions such as cash advances, ATM withdrawals, transactions with financial institutions, and purchases of gift cards are not eligible for points or cash back.

  • Returns or reversals of purchases will nullify the cash back earned on that transaction.

Modification or Termination:

Bluedot reserves the right to modify or terminate the campaign at its discretion. Participants will be notified of any significant changes to the terms and conditions of the campaign.


Any attempt to abuse or manipulate the campaign will result in disqualification and potential reversal of awarded points and cash back.

Customer Support:

Participants with questions regarding the campaign can seek assistance through the Bluedot app’s customer support feature.

Privacy Policy:

Participation in the campaign is also subject to Bluedot’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at [Bluedot Privacy Policy ].

By linking their cards and participating in the campaign, cardholders agree to these terms and conditions.

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