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What is "Study by subtopic"?
What is "Study by subtopic"?
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There are two parts to your official bibliography: The list of references, and the Topics and Subtopics.

On the Navy COOL website you’ll see Bibliographies and Rating Topics and Subtopics (this is the official Navy COOL website, not ours):

When you click on Rating Topics and Subtopics you’ll see the list of Subtopics like so:

Topics and Subtopics can help guide you in your studies. Narrowing your efforts to a specific subtopic is a great strategy. To see where you should focus your studies, take a look at your past profile sheets:

In this example, the Sailor scored in the 22nd percentile in General Administration. 

Let’s pretend you’re a BU1 and you need to focus on the “Placing and Finishing” subtopic. On the Dashboard, click Study by Subtopic. Find and click Placing and Finishing.

This will bring you to the material in our database that has been marked as applicable for that subtopic. 

Please note that when you use Study by Subtopic, you’re studying the same material from the study modes Study by Reference or Comprehensive Study. They are all tied together. So progress made in one will affect the other. 

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