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How Do I Access the PDF Files?
How Do I Access the PDF Files?
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On the Dashboard, there is a PDF icon next to each chapter. Click this icon to download the PDF file.

Additionally, you can view the PDFs while you’re studying. After you answer a question, an information box should appear below the choices with an excerpt from the instruction (this happens on most questions). Click "View PDF Reference". The PDF file should open up to the page from which we derived the question. Some PDFs are highlighted to assist you in your reading. You will also have the ability to download the PDF for your review. The PDF will say "Restricted" as seen below if we do not have the rights to distribute this publication. 

See below for an example image:

To access PDF files on the free companion app:
Click "Further Reading" after you answer a question. This will take you directly to the PDF that the question was derived from. 

Good luck studying! 

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