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Personalized Study Plan
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Welcome to the new and improved Bluejacketeer Personalized Study Plan, formally known as the 10-week study plan. 

To sign up:

How it works: 

The new study plan offers much more functionality and will allow you to personalize your studies to your specific needs. It does not have to be broken down into exactly 10 weeks. You can begin using the study plan at any point before your exam, although we do recommend starting early!

  1. Click on  the Personalized Study Plan icon on your homescreen (as seen above)

  2. Choose 5 subtopics that you would like to focus on.

  3. Click "Start Studying"

  4. Bluejacketeer will break down these topics into the weeks that you have remaining until your exam. 

  5. If you would like to study other topics you can select "Restart Study Plan" 

  6. You can also download the study plan by clicking "Download Study Plan" at the top of your study plan screen. 

Best of luck in your studies! 

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