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Welcome to Bluejacketeer! Before you begin, let me show you the ropes.

Select your rating exam

The first step in getting started is to select your rating exam. For example, if you're an active duty PO2 taking the HM1 exam, then you should select: 

HM1 > Active Duty > Regular.

Once you make your selection, your bibliography will load. You can always contact us to switch your bibliography, in case you make rank or need to take the substitute exam.

Question categories

Once your bib is loaded, you'll notice at the top three categories:

• The Learning category is for questions you've answered incorrectly. These questions have the highest priority and will be shown to you first.

•The Review today category is for questions that you've answered correct before, and are schedule for review within the next 24 hours.

• The New category is for questions that you have yet to have seen. These questions have the lowest priority. 

We match your bibliography

Next, as you scroll down the Dashboard page, you'll see that you have four sections:

(1) Occupational Topics and Subtopics (PMK+In-rate subscriptions only)
(2) Occupational References (PMK+In-rate subscriptions only)
(3) PMK Topics and Subtopics
(4) PMK References. for both the Occupational and PMK part of your bibliography. 

These should all match the bibliography put out by the Navy Advancement Center. You can view your official bibliography on the Navy COOL website.

Study tip: Take a look at your last profile sheet and look at your percentiles by subtopic, and study the ones with the lowest percentile first.

Spaced repetition learning technique

We employ a learning technique on our website called spaced repetition. This is what allows you to focus your time on the material you don't know yet, and less time on what you already know.

As you answer questions, you'll see three buttons that look like this:

Depending on how comfortable you are with the question, select one of these options to move on to the next question. The button that you press determines the next time you'll see this question.

The more you answer a question correctly, the longer the duration these buttons will be, the less often you'll have to review it. This allows our system to prioritize the questions that you get wrong for you. 

Gimme more details!

After you answer a question, you should also see an information box appear below that looks like this:

This consists of an excerpt straight from the reference where we found the answer. In addition, we provide the page number, and even a link to the page in the PDF! (only on desktop)

When you select View in PDF you should see a PDF file appear with highlights. These PDF files are the same files our writers use to create questions. We left the highlights in them to assist you in your reading, if you prefer to read straight from the references.

Question options

And lastly, I want you to know about the question options. These are located at the top right of your study page. They are:

(1) Report question
(2) Delete question
(3) Switch to flashcard mode

With Report question, you can report any discrepancy that you find, and we encourage you to do so, allowing us to fix it asap!

If you aren't a fan of any certain question, you may delete it using the Delete question button.

If you're up for a real challenge, then you can change the question to traditional flashcard mode using the Switch to flashcard mode button. This mode requires you to recall the answer without seeing it in multiple choice mode!

Are you ready to start your journey towards promotion? 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us by replying here!

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