Questions in this subtopic have nothing to do with this subtopic.

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When our writers have completed writing to a chapter, they select every subtopic that was associated with that chapter. Later, when you are reviewing by a specific subtopic, every question in that chapter will show up for review, even if that specific question had nothing to do with that specific subtopic. As an example:

Let’s say your rating has the following subtopics:




And the chapter being written to covers:

1978 Dodge Challenger

The writer will write questions about everything in that chapter, which describes in complete detail, the 1978 Dodge Challenger. The chapter covers the engine size, types of paint colors that year came in, and the types of tires it takes. When complete, the writer would mark the chapter with all three subtopics (ENGINE SIZES, CAR BODY PAINT COLORS, and TIRE AND WHEEL DATA).

Later, when you select “ENGINE SIZES” to study from, you get a question about the types of paint colors that the 1978 Dodge Challenger came in.

That is because the chapter on the 1978 Dodge Challenger covers all three of those topics, and the chapter itself is marked with all three of those subtopics. So, when you select any of those three subtopics, you will get every question from that chapter.

For some chapters, they cover typically only one or two subtopics, which you may not even notice. For other chapters, though, like Glossaries and Acronym lists (which typically come at the end of an entire instruction, and cover EVERY subtopic in the rate), it compounds the issue.

We hope you find this helpful. If you still have question or need assistance, our Customer Support Team can assist you.

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