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Give 20% Get 20% FAQ
Give 20% Get 20% FAQ

How does Give 20 Get 20 Work?

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How does Give 20/Get 20 Work? For those who have a current paid subscription, you can share your personal link with others who do not yet have an account with Bluejacketeer. You will then receive 20% off your next month's subscription, and the new customer signing up with your link will receive 20% off their first payment. For each new subscriber you refer via your link, you will receive an additional 20% off a single month's subscription payment.

What is the duration of the Give 20/Get 20? The referral program will commence on or about 21 March 2022 and run through midnight on 05 July 2022.

Where do I find my specific link? Your shareable link can be found by logging into your website dashboard via On your left-side navigation menu, click the Give 20 Get 20 link. A pop-up window will appear with your personal link. Copy the link and paste it into an email, text, or message to those you wish to refer.

Who can use this promotion? Anyone with a current paid subscription will have access to a link and anyone who has never used Bluejacketeer before can sign up using a provided link.

What if I have an account with Bluejacketeer but I don’t have a current subscription? In this case, you would need to log into your website dashboard to resubscribe to Bluejacketeer. You would pay your normal subscription fee and then have access to a promotion link. When anyone you refer uses that link to sign up, 20% will be deducted off of your next bill.

Does the 20% come off of my bill each month? The 20% off is a one-time reduction. 20% will be taken off your next subscription payment, though the 20% can be stacked up to the full cost of your next monthly subscription payment if you have five qualified referrals.

What happens if I refer more than one person in a month? The more people you refer, the more discounts you receive. For each person you refer, your account will receive 20% off a single month’s payment. So, for example, if you refer three people in one month, your next month's bill will be reduced by 60%.

What if I refer more than five people in one month? Do I get a discount the following month? Referring more than 5 new subscribers will let you reduce subsequent payments in the following months. For example, referring 7 people in a month reduces your next payment by 100% (5 x 20% each), and the next month will be 40% off (for the two remaining subscribers). Any cancellations and refunds from your referrals will be removed as credits toward your next payment.

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