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How Do I Renew my Bluejacketeer Subscription?
How Do I Renew my Bluejacketeer Subscription?

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Welcome back! To renew your subscription, please follow the following steps:

  1. Log into your Bluejacketeer account via the website; subscription renewal can not be done via the app

  2. Click Account Settings from the left-hand side dashboard menu

  3. Click Manage My Subscription

  4. Edit payment details if needed

  5. Click that you have read and agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy

  6. click Send Payment*

*Once you hit send payment, your account will be charged the $19.99 monthly fee, the $99.99 semiannual fee, the $189.99 annual fee, or the $89.99 Warfare Only fee--whichever you select. Your subscription will auto-renew monthly, semiannually, or annually on or about the same day you renewed until you set it to cancel. Cancellations can be done at any time by following the same path and choosing "Cancel Subscription". Cancellations must be done at least the day before your scheduled payment date or your subscription will auto-renew for another month, six months, or twelve months. Subscriptions can not be canceled via the app.

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