Due to its popularity, our original 10 Week Study Plan has been integrated directly into our site. Now called the Personalized Study Plan, instead of an auto-generated email list, it has been built into our website and mobile app interface.

We renamed it "Personalized Study Plan" because you can now select your start/end dates and prioritize certain subtopics that you may need or want to focus on.

How does the Personalized Study Plan Work?

  1. Click Study on the left-hand side dashboard menu

  2. Click Personalized Study Plan

  3. Click the date range for your studying (current date up until your exam, or any date range you would prefer)

  4. Choose the top 5 subtopics you would like to focus on

  5. Click Start Studying

Your Personalized Study Plan is now ready starting with week 1. You can also download your study plan into a PDF file and if needed, you can restart your Study Plan at any time.

Your Personalized Study Plan can be created and accessed through your website dashboard, or through the Bluejacketeer app. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for a 3-day free trial here: https://app.bluejacketeer.com/#/auth/signup

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