Our team of humans has typed by hand thousands of questions... and sometimes humans make mistakes. Even our stellar team if Sailors! If you come across a discrepancy, it helps both our team in identifying mistakes and it other Sailors studying for advancement. 

Examples of something to report might be:

  • Grammar error

  • Incorrect answer

  • Incorrect page number

  • Missing information, etc. 

Our team will work to resolve your reported question as soon as possible. We will respond to you by email to let you know when the reported mistake is resolved. 

To report a question, follow these steps:

From our website on a desktop computer or mobile app:

  1. After answering a question, select the Help icon

  2. Click Report Question

  3. Select one of the reasons provided and submit

We always appreciate it when someone takes the time to let us know of any mistake we might have made, or how we can improve Bluejacketeer.

-The Bluejacketeer Team

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