Before Camp

We will send you a reminder email confirming times, location and other relevant details about the upcoming camp a few days before it starts - with links to this Parents' Handbook so you won't lose it! You will also get an invite to join ClassDojo (see below).

During Camp

We will be using ClassDojo, a communications app that lets parents see what their child is doing, during the camp. You will be able to see photos of your child's work, message the teachers directly, and keep up to date with your young coder's progress. You will find schedules and reports on your child's progress here as well.

We think it's a brilliant platform and you'll get a great deal of feedback from your teachers. For more information on how ClassDojo is used in schools (and camps like ours!), do check out their site. 

After Camp

We will send you an email with the highlights of the camp and some lessons to use as you continue your child's progress at home. We'll also send you your child's personal report card, written by their teacher, by email shortly after camp!

If you have any urgent queries, we are always available at, by phone on 020 3176 4660 or by using the blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.

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