Please note that our late pick up scheme is no longer running due to COVID-19. We will also be sending more detailed information about specific pick-up times to ensure social distancing closer to the start date of camp. For this detailed information please check the communications we send you.

Pick up time on each day of camp is at 4pm. Children will be let out through the playground gate or the main entrance depending on weather conditions, and must be signed out by the camp staff.

If you are not the person collecting your child, please let us know in the morning. We will only sign the child out upon ensuring that eye contact with an adult has been made and that  the child knows the person picking them up.


You are able pick your child up between 4.15pm and 5pm for an extra fee of £12.50/day. Late pick up will be available only to those who have paid for it. Late pick up is unavailable on the last day of camp.

If you arrive to pick your child up later than 4.15pm without arranging late pick up with us, you will have to pay £15 on the day.

If you pay for late pick up but arrive an unreasonable amount of time after 5pm you will be charged an extra £12.50.

Early pick up

If you need to pick up your child prior to regular dismissal times, please notify the office. Please inform us during arrival time on the day or by telephone, specifying the name of the child and the time of pick up. Your child will be brought to the reception area at the allotted time and supervised until your arrival.

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