It is enormously helpful to the smooth running of our camps if children already have the relevant software installed on their laptops! Thank you in advance for your help in ensuring your child is prepared. 

We ask that everybody has the Google Chrome browser installed to make sure that all the online programs run smoothly.

Please see below for required downloads for each of our courses:

Minecraft Modders

Minecraft Modders will need to have downloaded Minecraft and signed up for an account. If you chose to buy a Minecraft account when you booked your course, this will be provided on the first day of camp.

LearnToMod accounts will be provided for the duration of the camp. If you wish your child to continue modding when camp is over, you can purchase your own license here.

If your child will be using an existing Minecraft account, it's really important that they have the login details written down when they arrive at camp!

Scratch Courses

Scratch students will need to have downloaded the Scratch offline editor which can be found here.

Scratch will be used primarily online during the camp, but to prevent any errors occurring or in the event of internet connectivity problems, it helps to have it downloaded to their hard drive.

Other courses

That's it! We will notify you in plenty of time if any other programs will be used and need to be installed.

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