We offer a positive, safe and respectful environment for all, and encourage all campers to demonstrate respectful and appropriate behaviour towards their peers and the camp staff. To ensure that all BlueShift coding camps are pleasant for everyone, there are some basic rules that must be followed by all campers.

Please review the guidelines of behaviour below with your child before they attend camp. 

We follow three very important rules during our camps: Ready, Respectful, and Safe.

Ready means:

  • Being prepared for the class and ready to learn

  • Preparing all the equipment for the start of class

  • Finding a seat without protest

  • Listening to the instructions of your teacher

  • Packing my things and tidying my workspace before dismissal

Respectful means:

  • Not interrupting or shouting while others are speaking

  • Being kind and respectful to everyone at camp 

  • Being responsible for my own actions

  • Respecting other people’s property

  • Not using profanity or saying unkind words

  • Not leaving the camp grounds without permission 

  • Not littering

  • Not teasing, taunting, or gossiping

  • Not bullying or intimidating others in any way

Safe means:

  • Being careful with the equipment

  • Not endangering myself or others during playtime

  • Not running around in the school except the playground

  • Sitting down when eating

  • Not pushing each other

  • Being careful while playing

  • Waiting to be checked out at pick up

  • Not playing in playground areas designed for children older than me

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact the camp office.

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