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To create an assignment for your students:

Select the Assignments Tab on the left Choose Math or ELA at the top Click Create Assignment

Assignments are a great way to facilitate traditional exit tickets, quizzes, homework, and unit assessments. It is also a neat trick to adjust/change the level of instruction for a student temporarily.

Creating Assignments

To create an assignment for your students, go to your Teacher Home Page. Find the classroom you would like to add an assignment to. Next, click the “Assignments” button on the left panel. On the Assignments Page, choose between Math and ELA by changing the toggle switch at the top of the page. Then, press the large blue button titled “Create Assignment.”

Assignment Specifics

Start off by giving the assignment a title. In the Skill section, click on the gray “Select Skill(s)” button.

After confirming that the state standard and grade level for this assignment are correct, select all of the skills that you would like students to work on. To find skills, you can either type key terms into the search bar at the top or scroll through the various skill options.

While scrolling, you can hover over a skill with your cursor to view a sample question that would test that skill. Once you are finished picking the skills, click on the X at the top-right of the pop-up.

In the Student(s) section of this assignment, click the “Select Student(s) button. Then use the checkboxes to determine which students you’d like the assignment delivered to and finalize this by clicking the blue “Confirm” button.

In the Parameters section, decide on the number of questions in the assignment and whether you want the questions to be randomized. In the Scheduling section, choose whether you want the assignment delivered now or to be scheduled for a later date.

Finally, click the blue “Create” button and then click the blue “Continue & Create Assignment” button in the pop-up to finalize the assignment and send it to your students.

Your assignment will now be visible in the Assignments Page!

Happy teaching!

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