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How to find and use Live Feed reports.

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To access the Live Feed, click the Live Feed Tab on the left side of the page!

Live Feed reports allows you to see which of your students are online and what skills they are currently working on in real time.

To access the Live Feed, first log in to your teacher account and select the class for which you’d like to see the Live Feed. Then, click on the Live Feed button on the lefthand toolbar. You’ll now be able to see which of your students are currently logged into their Boddle accounts, and which students are offline.

For the students who are online, you’ll see the skill that they are currently working on, the curriculum they’re using, their accuracy, and the time spent in the current session.

When you click the downward arrow to the left of a student’s name who is currently online, you’ll get an in-depth report showing you the questions the student has answered as well as which answer they chose, what time and how long they took to answer, and even a tutorial tool to help explain the problem.

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