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Learning Gaps Report - Parents
Learning Gaps Report - Parents

Find out where your child's learning gaps are.

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Boddle’s Learning Gaps report will identify any learning gaps your child may have.

Boddle’s Learning Gaps report will identify any learning gaps your child may have. Our algorithm will automatically deliver questions to your child to address the learning gap. Additionally, you can create an assignment for your child that specifically targets those gaps.

To access the Learning Gaps report, you’ll first need to log in to your Boddle parent account. Then, click the Reports button on the left toolbar. From the Reports section, click on Learning Gaps. At the top, choose whether you'd like to view reports for Math or ELA. Any identified learning gaps will be grouped by skill.

In addition to seeing any learning gaps for your child in a particular skill, you’ll see helpful data such as overall performance, time spent per questions and the foundational/adjusted skill. If you hover over the foundational/adjusted skill, you’ll see a sample question.

Now that your child’s learning gaps have been identified, you can assign specific practice to address the gap. To do this, go to the Assignments tab and click the blue Create Assignment button. From here, give your assignment a name. Then, select the specific skills identified in the Learning Gaps report by scrolling through or typing the skill in the search bar. You can also select the parameters and scheduling information.

Click the blue Create Assignment button, and your child will receive the assignment aligning to the identified Learning Gap.

Happy Learning!

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