How does the Boddle Pass work?

Check out the Boddle Pass and start exploring Quests and earning awesome items!

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Work your way through the Boddle Pass by answering questions and completing quests!

Each Boddle Pass season lasts about 45 days. When a new season begins, students start at Level 0, giving them the chance to win a whole new set of prizes and rewards!

The Boddle Pass is a game feature where students earn experience points (XP) by completing daily and weekly quests and by correctly answering questions. As students gain XP, they’ll level up and unlock prizes like fun outfits, gold, pet seeds, and more!

The Boddle Pass is split into seasons. Each season brings with it new exclusive outfits. Also, when a new season begins, students start at Level 0, giving them the chance to win a whole new set of prizes and rewards.

Each season lasts about 45 days, so it’s important for students to complete the challenges to unlock all the fun and awesome prizes. Students can access the Boddle Pass at the bottom left corner of Home screen. Clicking the Pass will bring students to their Progress bar and the Quests lists. Quests update both daily and weekly, so there’s always something new for students.

Each Quest is worth a certain number of XP. When students earn enough XP, they’ll level up and unlock a fun prize. Students can track their progress and how close they are to the next level on the Progress tab.

Level 50 is the highest a student can progress during a season. When they reach Level 50, they unlock an Epic Box, winning a super awesome prize. Then, if students gain extra XP, they unlock Rare Boxes!

Optionally, parents can purchase a Premium Boddle Subscription for their children. Included in the Premium Boddle Subscription is the Premium Boddle Pass track. The Premium Boddle Pass track gives students even more fun items every Boddle Pass season, like unique outfits, more gold, and extra daily/weekly quests.

Boddle Pass is a fun feature, keeping students engaged and excited to play and learn. Boddle Pass adds a new layer to learning and playing, teaching students to have fun and work hard while striving towards their goals.

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