Adding and moving furniture

Buying furniture is super fun and a great way to customize your Boddle Home environment.

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To buy furniture, you’ll need to collect Gold. You can earn Gold by solving problems and spinning the Wheel of Prizes in Quiz Mode, leveling up on the Boddle Pass, and opening Prize Boxes. Playing Arcade games or Pet Battles against Baddies will also earn you Gold. You can see how much Gold you have in the top right corner of your Home screen and Shop.

To purchase furniture, you’ll need to visit the Shop. Check out the items for sale, and make a purchase using your Gold. The furniture item will now be stored in your Backpack, just like your clothing and accessories.

Now it’s time to decorate your Home with all the awesome furniture items you’ve purchased! From your student dashboard, click the Home icon to be transported to your Home.

Once you're at your Home, you'll see two icons in the bottom left of your screen: one for furniture (like couches and tables), and one for other accessories (like chairs or a TV). Just click on the item you'd like to place and it will appear in your Home. Then, move the item where you'd like it to be. You can do this by using the arrows keys on your keyboard or by clicking and dragging the item. You can even rotate the item by clicking the circular arrow button. If you’re trying to place an item somewhere that it can’t fit, you’ll see a red outline around the item. If the item will fit where you’re trying to place it, you’ll see a green outline. Once you're happy with where the item is, just click the green checkmark. If you'd like to remove the item, just click the red 'x'.

Placing furniture in your Home does more than just look cool! Your Boddle can interact with the items you’ve placed! When you’re near an item you want to interact with, you’ll see white circle near the item. Click the item, and watch what happens! Maybe you’ll take a relaxing break on the yellow armchair, or shoot a basketball at your very own hoop, or play an arcade game, or even play a song on your piano!

The possibilities are endless, so keep earning Gold so you can keep decorating.

Happy Learning!

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