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Battling with your friends and classmates is not only fun, but it will help you practice your math skills!

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To battle a friend in Pet Battles:

  1. Click the Battle a Friend button

  2. Choose a friend from your Buddy List

  3. Click the Battle button next to their name

Battling in Pet Battles is super fun, and you can keep practicing your skills!

To access Matchmaking, first click on the Green play button to be taken to the game library. Then, click on the Matchmaking button. Our computer will find an opponent for you, and then you can start battling right away! Questions will appear for you based on your grade level.

When it’s your turn, you’ll have 60 seconds to make the best color match that you can to send the strongest attack to your opponent. Remember that you can match up, down, left, right, and diagonal.

Each time you answer a question correctly, your pet will send an attack to your opponent’s pet. Depending on what color match you make, the pet that matches that color will be the one to send the attack. To see which pet matches which color, just click on one of the colors on the board, and the pet’s stump will light up. You can regenerate your pet by choosing the pet’s color to match on the game board.

If you win, you’ll get points towards your Pet Battles rank. Your rank is displayed by a badge and stars. You can see your progress on the player versus player button in the play screen. Can you become the next Platinum player?

You can also invite a classmate or friend to battle in Pet Battles. If you're already in the Play library, just click the Battle a Friend button and scroll through your Buddy List. If your friend is online, you’ll see a green light on their profile picture and you’ll be able to click the battle button. Your friend will then be sent an invite to join your battle.

To add friends, just go to your Buddy List back on the Home screen. You can add your friend using their friend code, or they can add you using yours! New invites will appear in the Invites tab. You can also invite your friend to battle from the Buddy List.

Happy Learning!

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