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We’ve recently launched a Boddle Premium Subscription where kids get extra opportunities and incentives to learn!

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With a Boddle Premium Subscription, kids get access to a Premium Boddle Pass track, giving them season-specific exclusive items, such as the merfolk costume, and other really cool items that you can’t get without a subscription. That Premium Boddle Pass track also allows kids to get more rewards like gold and Epic boxes. Plus, kids can now complete the Premium quests, allowing them to level up faster in the Boddle Pass. The Premium Boddle Pass will also give kids’ pets 25% more exp after each pet battle, and over double the limit of battle points that they can collect daily!

Premium users will get 1,200 Boddle Bucks every month. Boddle Bucks allow kids to purchase super cool and uber-exclusive outfits like the rad Cyber Surfer Set and epic Gamer and Rocker sets. Boddle Bucks also enable kids to unlock outfit variations without waiting for the desired look to appear in the Shop. Kids can also purchase previous Boddle Pass Season outfits - like the narwhal and the merfolk set - with Boddle Bucks. In addition, there are 200 Boddle Bucks available to earn in the Boddle Pass plus 500 additional Boddle Bucks available in the Premium Boddle Pass.

A Boddle Premium Subscription can be purchased monthly or yearly on the payment page. Parents can access the payment options by logging into their Boddle parent account and clicking on the blue Boddle Premium button in the upper right-hand corner. From here a parent can complete the purchase for their child, and can even get a discount for adding a Boddle Premium Subscription for any additional child. For more info on how to purchase a Premium Subscription, click here.

Kids are also able to access the payment screen but need parent permission to complete the process. To access the Boddle Premium Subscription payment page, kids must select that they are playing from Home upon logging into their Boddle account. Once on their student dashboard, they will click the Boddle Pass in the lower left-hand corner. Then, they’ll click the green Activate button below the gold and gleaming premium Boddle Pass. A pop-up will appear with more info and another button that says Get Premium. The payment screen can also be accessed in the Shop.

Are you looking to get a Boddle Premium Subscription for your classroom or a large group? We have group discounts available, so please contact us via email or Intercom on your dashboard to inquire.

We’ll be adding more exclusive opportunities with each update!

Happy Learning!

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