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Boddle's Buddy List helps you connect with friends to keep your learning fun and exciting!

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To add friends to your Buddy List:

  1. Click on the Buddy List icon on your Home Screen.

  2. Share your Friend Code with your friends, or enter their Friend Code to add them to the Buddy List!

Did you know you can invite your friends to battle, and they can invite you? That's right! To get started, click on the Buddy List icon near the top right of your student dashboard. Once inside your Buddy List, you'll see your own unique friend code. You can share this with friends in your classroom or at home so they can add you. You can also add a friend using their friend code.

Once you've added friends to your Buddy List - or they've added you - you'll see their username in your Friends list. If you have new invites from friends, you'll see a notification in the Invites tab.

Now, you can challenge your friends to a Pet Battle! From the Buddy List, just click on the battle icon next to the username of the friend you'd like to battle. If they accept, you'll be transported to a Pet Battle. If someone invites you to a battle, you'll see a notification on your screen letting you know that someone wants to challenge you. You can either accept or decline their invite. You can also challenge a friend to a battle from inside the Play menu by clicking on the Battle a Friend icon and finding the friend you'd like to battle.

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