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The Progress Report makes it easy to see where your students are on their learning path as well as identify areas for growth or enrichment.

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To access the Progress Report:

Click into your classroom Select the Reports Tab on the left Click Progress

Within the teacher portal, you can see which students have completed the placement test. Navigate to the Reports page placement test section within the teacher portal. Scroll down. Shown next to each student's name will be their progress score. If they haven’t yet completed the placement test, it will instead say “placement test in progress”.

You can find all of the test results on your Teacher Portal. Simply click into your classroom and click “Reports.” Choose between Math and ELA data by clicking the toggle switch at the top of the page. Here, you will find a breakdown of which areas your students show mastery and which ones they need extra support in.

NOTE: If your reports screen shows “placement test in progress”, that means that not all students have completed the test yet. A typical instance in which this occurs is if you create an assignment prior to students completing the test. Not to worry — they will continue the test once the assignment is completed.

You can filter the progress and placement of individual students. Just select the individual student in the dropdown menu on the Placement Reports screen.

You can also filter this report by date range to see how that individual student progressed within the selected time period.

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