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Adding Students with Class Code
Adding Students with Class Code

Add students to an existing class by sharing your Class Code.

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You can find your Class Code at the top of the Classroom Page or by clicking

Add Students → Link Existing Students

If your students already have a Boddle account, but are not linked to your class, you can easily add them by using a Class Code.

After logging in to your Teacher Home Page, click into the classroom for which you’d like to add students. You’ll find the Class Code near the top of the screen. Once your students enter the code, they’ll be automatically enrolled in your classroom.

You can also locate the Class Code by clicking on the "Add Students" button on the classroom page or the Students page. From here, choose the "Link Existing Students" option to copy and share your class code with your students.

Entering the Class Code

When students log in for the first time, they'll be prompted to enter a class code.

If a student is logging into an existing account, they can enter the class code by clicking the "MATH" button on the top left corner of the home screen. Next, they'll click "Add Course" and enter the class code.

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