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Importing Students from Google Classroom
Importing Students from Google Classroom

Learn how to import your students from your Google Classroom roster.

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To import students from Google Classroom:

Click Add Students → Add New Students → Import Options → Import from Google

Using Google Classroom to Add Students to Boddle

There are two ways to link Google Classroom to your Boddle Class. If you already have your students in your Boddle roster, navigate to the Students page and click on “settings” at the top. Select “Link Google Accounts” to connect your students existing Boddle accounts to Google Classroom. This will enable your students to sign in with Google and view assignments in Google Classroom.

If your students do not have existing Boddle accounts or haven’t been imported to your Boddle classroom yet, click on the "Add Students" button found on the Classroom or Students page. From here, choose the "Add New Students" option. At the bottom of the popup, click on the "Import Options" dropdown and then "Import from Google."

Log into your Google Classroom account and select the students you’d like to import into your Boddle Classroom. These students will be able to log into Boddle using their Google Classroom login credentials.

Student Boddle Login using Google Classroom

Students that have been imported using Google Classroom can log in to Boddle using their Google login. On the login screen, have students click the Sign in with Google Button. Then have them enter their Google account login credentials. They will then be logged into their Boddle account.

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