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Automatic Boddle App Updates - School Districts
Automatic Boddle App Updates - School Districts

Set up automatic Boddle App updates on district iPad devices

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Like all iPad applications, the App Store manages the update process. However, schools can set up automatic updates for the Boddle app on iPads to help learners explore all the exciting updates right away without any pause in learning.

District Mobile Device Management system

  1. Include the Boddle Application in the school's MDM system.

  2. Within the MDM tool, enable the option to schedule periodic checks on the App Store

Once it detects a new version, the MDM automatically updates each registered Apple device

A lot of schools use JAMF to manage remote Apple devices. Follow the steps in the link above to automate updates through JAMF.

Note for IT departments: The above usually solves the problem, but please reach out via the live chat on the bottom right and let us know if you have any additional questions. Our team is happy to jump on a call or explain further in email.

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