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Link Google to Existing Student Accounts
Link Google to Existing Student Accounts

Here's how to link Google accounts to existing student accounts for easy sign in!

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If you’d like to link a student’s existing Boddle account, perhaps one that is linked to Clever, to their Google account, first go to your Teacher Home Page and find the classroom you would like to link accounts to.

Next, click the “Students” button on the left panel and then press “Settings” at the top,

After clicking on the “Settings” button, choose “Link Google Accounts”.

Now you can log in to your Google Classroom account and select the one you want to link.

Once you choose your Google Classroom, you will see the list of students on the left and a gray drop box across from their names.

Drag and drop the Google accounts into the box. Check that they match with the right Boddle account, and then click “Confirm” to save these changes.

How to Sign in with Google

Students that have their Google Accounts linked to their Boddle accounts can log in to Boddle using their Google login! On the login screen, have students click the Sign in with Google button. Then have them enter their Google account login credentials. They will then be logged in to their Boddle account.

Note: If you need to unlink a Google account, you will need to reach out to our customer support team using the Live Chat feature.

Happy teaching!

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