Challenge a Boddle user to a Pet Battles match, and level up your badge!

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Once you complete all 22 levels in Green Grove, you’ll unlock Matchmaking mode! Matchmaking enables you to battle against other Boddle players in Pet Battles and earn Battle Points for use in the Battle Shop. Players are matched based on their rank and skill-level. Don’t worry grown-ups, there is no chatting; You’ll only see the other player’s Boddle and Boddle name.

To begin a Matchmaking battle, head to the Pet Battles menu and click on the Matchmaking button. You’ll see a screen popup that says “Finding Opponent.” We will search online for players who also want to participate. Once you’re in the battle, you’ll see that the gameplay is almost the same as Adventure mode. There are 2 major differences: You have 30 seconds to make a match, and 90 seconds to answer questions. You can also make 3 matches before answering a question instead of 2.

Winning Matchmaking battles will raise your Pet Battles rank, which is represented by the badge on the Matchmaking button. The badge levels are: Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each time you win a battle, you’ll get to see how close you are to moving up in rank. If you lose a battle, your rank will go down.

You can earn up to 150 Battle Points a day from Matchmaking battles. Premium users can earn up to 450 Battle Points daily. Winning a battle will earn you 50 Battle Points; but losing a battle will still earn you 10 Battle Points. You can use your hard-earned Battle Points in the Battle Shop section of the Shop to snag items to level up your Pets and sometimes even exclusive outfits from past Boddle seasons.

Have fun battling in Matchmaking!

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