Pet Management

Now that you’ve grown your pets, it’s time to pick some to join you in battle! A team is made up of 4 pets and 1 you.

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Each pet has unique talents and abilities, so keep on planting & growing new seeds to discover awesome team setups and strategies.

When a pet reaches 2 stars, they get headgear that unlocks a special talent that activates each time the pet makes a 5-piece match. At 4 stars, the pets get their very own pet, affectionately named Pet-Pets. The Pet-Pets have their own special talents that activate every time the player makes an 8-piece match.

Your pet’s ultimate special ability gains charge each time a match is made with it’s element, or it gets hit. When the bar is full and glowing, tap on your pet to activate the special ability!

You can always check out the info popup for details on your pets’ special abilities and talents during matches.

You can manage your team & pets in the “My Pets” section, found in the play library in the Pet Battles section.

Select an elemental podium and then the pet you’d like on your team from the bottom bar. You can edit your pets’ names by clicking the pencil icon their name. Here you can also view the pets’ stats, special ability, talents and more.

Pets stats raise when they level up. For every battle against baddies you win, your pets will gain XP. You can also use small or large XP books (available in the Pet Shop) to give your pet XP and help them level up faster.

Press "Add to Team" to add the Pet to your team, and you’re ready to take on the Baddies!

Happy Learning!

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