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Add a Course or Join a Teacher's Course - Parents
Add a Course or Join a Teacher's Course - Parents

Create a new course for your child or link their accounts to their teacher's classroom.

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To Add a New Course:

Adding a new course like Math or ELA for your learner is quick and easy.

To add a new course, first, select View Progress on the child's account you'd like to edit. Then, click on the "Courses" tab on the left side of your screen.

Press the blue "Add Classroom/Course" button at the top.

On the popup, choose your child's grade level. You can add Math, ELA, or both subjects.

Save these changes by pressing "Add Course."

To Join a Teacher's Classroom:

To add your child to a teacher's classroom, follow the steps above to navigate to the Add Classroom/Course button.

Instead of adding a course, select "Join a Classroom" and enter the class code provided by their teacher. Then, click "Join Classroom."

Happy learning!

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