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Confirm Boddle Settings on Your School's Google Workspace
Confirm Boddle Settings on Your School's Google Workspace

Schools now need to approve individual apps through the Google Admin console. In order to ensure access, follow these steps

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You can share this guide with your IT, or enter your IT Department's contact information here. We will send them an email requesting Boddle access on your behalf.

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Navigate to the Google Admin Console

You can access the admin console by typing into the address bar.

On the left side of the screen, click Security β†’ Access and data control β†’ API Controls β†’ Manage Third Party App Access

Choose Permissions for Third-Party Apps

Unconfigured Apps

If Boddle has never been configured for your Workspace, it will need to be added before granting access. Next to Configured Apps, click Add App β†’ Auth App Name or Client ID and search for Boddle Learning. Select Boddle from the list of apps and choose Trust. Click Finish to confirm your settings.

Configured Apps

If Boddle has been used in your Workspace before, it will appear in your Configured or Accessed Apps. In the Apps list, locate Boddle Learning and click the check box next to our app. Then, click Change Access and select Trusted. Click Next and then Change Access to confirm your settings.

Your teachers and students will now have access to Boddle through their Google accounts!

For more information, visit Google's Workspace support page.

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